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Root Canal Therapy

 Dentist in Grayslake, IL

Root Canal therapy is a treatment traditionally provided for teeth that have advanced decay that affects the tooth nerve. Often the deep decay can cause the tooth to be sensitive to cold and sweet beverages or sometimes can cause severe pain that is not responsive to over the counter medication.

In the past, Root Canal therapy was very time consuming, complicated and sometimes uncomfortable. However, with the introduction of rotary instruments, digital x-rays, digital apex locators and magnification glasses, as well as new materials, Root Canal therapy has become very easy and can often be completed in one session. Root canal treatment can give you an opportunity to save your tooth, which will save you time and is more economical in the long run.

At Four Lakes Dental, we provide you with a comfortable experience during your root canal treatment. With root canal therapy, you will be able to keep your tooth and improve your overall oral health.